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  • Easy to use & navigate
  • Fully touch support
  • Internationalize (Multil Language) support

Category: Kiosk Solution
Developer: NiXiE Studio


Interactive Directory Kiosk

What you are looking right now is the prototype demo of utcc interactive kiosk. the displayed building is building number 7. the purpose of the kiosk is to show the information in each building, such as general information of the building, information in each level and also including information in each room. users can check multiple data from the screen. for example, lecturers and students can view course time-table, visitors can find people, data and explore the layout of the building. the interactive kiosks will be connected to each others by using local area network or wireless system. data and floorplan layout can be updated and adjusted on demand, which nixie studio is willing to provide both maintenance and content creation service.

International College Signage System

Replaced the original signages in front of all classrooms with network-controlled LCD screens, in order to provide an easy content update and manage.

Information Kiosk System

A sample machine of interactive kiosk will be installed on the ground floor of UTCC's building number 7. the machine will provide useful information for both internal people of UTCC, such as lecturerr, students and visitors. equipped with a 42" touch screen wide display, UTCC kiosk will be easily noticed and able to give clear visual information.

The kiosk consists of following functions:

  • floorplan based information
  • search and navigation
  • display video feed

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