NiXiE English-Thai Dict

NiXiE English-Thai Dict is an English-Thai and Thai-English Dictionary for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ based on popular LEXiTRON dictionary database developed by NECTEC.

- Show all words that match the pattern when search
- Improve font size & anti-alias for easy readability
- Improve performance

- English to Thai dictionary with more than 54,000 distinct enties.
- Thai to English dictionary with more than 33,000 distinct enties.
- Consist of vocabulary, meaning, cetegory, related, synonym, antonym, sample sentence and definitions.
- Fast loading and searching.
- Well graphical user-interface designed.
- No internet connection required.

This product is created by the adaptation of LEXiTRON developed by NECTEC (

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Developer: NiXiE Studio



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